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Clinical Indicators for Instrumental Assessment of Dysphagia

... the use of instrumentation in the assessment, diagnosis, management, and treatment of ... Instrumental assessment includes any or all of the following: structural and ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2000
Document Type:: Guidelines
doi: 10.1044/policy.GL2000-00047
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Calibration of Speech Signals Delivered Via Earphones

... existing with respect to procedural instrumentation pertinent to the clinical ... Return to Top Index terms: instrumental assessment Reference this material as: ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 1987
Document Type:: Relevant Paper
doi: 10.1044/policy.RP1987-00019
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Terminology Instrumentation Calibration ... Summary ... Return to Top Instrumentation The instruments used to make aural acoustic-immittance measurements [1] can be ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 1988
Document Type:: Relevant Paper
doi: 10.1044/policy.RP1988-00027

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