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Scope of Practice in Audiology

... Committee for the ASHA vice president for professional practices in audiology and approved in 2003 by the ... Scope of practice in speech-language pathology.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2004
Document Type:: Scope of Practice
doi: 10.1044/policy.SP2004-00192
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Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Scope of Practice

Prevention and Advocacy ... SLPAs' responsibilities within and outside the scope of practice; examples of practice settings; information for others (e.g., ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2013
Document Type:: Scope of Practice
doi: 10.1044/policy.SP2013-00337
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Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

View PDF Version Scope of Practice Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology ... the ASHA Code of Ethics, the Scope of Practice, and specific practice documents.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2007
Document Type:: Scope of Practice
doi: 10.1044/policy.SP2007-00283

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