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Telephone Hearing Screening

A screening program can be considered useful if its effectiveness has been ... Hearing screenings that do not comply with the ASHA guidelines currently are being ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 1988
Document Type:: Relevant Paper
doi: 10.1044/policy.RP1988-00026
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Audiologic Screening

Technical Report Audiologic Screening Ad Hoc Committee on Screening for Impairment, Handicap, and Middle Ear Disorders ... Screening programs can and must be evaluated.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 1994
Document Type:: Technical Report
doi: 10.1044/policy.TR1994-00238
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Loss to Follow-Up in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

... and new parents be informed prior to the screening of what the screening entails, the urgency of early diagnosis, and ... A vision of the future of newborn screening.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2008
Document Type:: Technical Report
doi: 10.1044/policy.TR2008-00302
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Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology

#3. Swallowing Screening #4. Audiologic Screening #5. ... #3. Swallowing Screening Swallowing screening is a pass/fail procedure to identify individuals who require a ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2004
Document Type:: Preferred Practice Patterns
doi: 10.1044/policy.PP2004-00191
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Guidelines for Audiologic Screening

Background ... The working group on screening adults developed three sets of guidelines: screening for disorder, screening for impairment, and screening for disability.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 1997
Document Type:: Guidelines
doi: 10.1044/policy.GL1997-00199
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Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Audiology

Table of Contents ... 1.0 Prevention 2.0 Audiologic Screening 3.0 Speech-Language Screening 4.0 External Auditory Canal ... Audiologic screening procedures may include

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2006
Document Type:: Preferred Practice Patterns
doi: 10.1044/policy.PP2006-00274
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Year 2007 Position Statement: Principles and Guidelines for Early Hearing Detection and...

... Rhode Island, Utah, and Hawaii to test the feasibility of a universal statewide screening program to screen newborn infants for hearing loss before hospital discharge.

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2007
Document Type:: Position statement
doi: 10.1044/policy.PS2007-00281
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Supplement to the JCIH 2007 Position Statement: Principles and Guidelines for Early...

... and implementation of protocols for screening, audiologic evaluation, fitting of ... prior to establishing universal newborn hearing screening, studied children from a ...

Source: ASHA Practice Policy
Year: 2013
Document Type:: Position Statement
doi: 10.1044/policy.ET2013-00339

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